Red Rapids
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Red Rapids
797 N Grove Road
Suite 101
Richardson, TX  75081
Phone: 972-671-9573
Fax: 972-671-9572
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Red Rapids offers a catalog of signal processing hardware products that target communication, telemetry, radar, electro-optic, and high-speed data acquisition systems. The products are available in multiple form factors for seamless integration into an embedded chassis or traditional server/desktop computing environment.

The SigStream product family digitizes and reproduces analog signals under software command from a host computer. The hardware offers a rich set of software programmable features that include selectable operating modes (continuous, snapshot, periodic), external or timed event triggers, programmable up/down converters, timestamped data samples, data sizing, and data packing.  Data can be organized as a continuous stream of samples or in data packets defined by the VITA 49 specification.

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