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Pentek, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, designs and manufactures innovative commercial and rugged DSP boards and real-time system recorders for commercial, government and military systems including radar, communications, SIGINT, defense, medical and industrial control applications. Pentek offers powerful VPX, FMC, FMC+, AMC, XMC, cPCI, and PCIe board solutions featuring high-performance Xilinx FPGAs. Pentek equips all boards and recorder products with high-performance I/O including gigabit serial interfaces, powerful software development tools and offers strong DSP software support.

Target Market(s): including radar, communications, SIGINT, defense, medical and industrial control applications

Products/Services Offered:

Engineers can select from a variety of recording systems and processor boards with the industry’s most extensive line of advanced analog and digital I/O high-speed interfaces, along with exclusive development tools that help engineers get up and running quickly.

Quartz Boards & Modules:

Quartz™ is the newest family based on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC FPGA. Quartz brings the performance and high density integration of the RFSoC to a wide range of application spaces with a uniquely flexible design path. Quartz is available in standard form factors like 3U VPX, or it can be deployed on custom carriers.

Designed to work with Pentek's Navigator® Design Suite tools, the combination of Quartz and Navigator offers users a streamlined path to IP development and deployment

Talon Recording  Systems:

Talon® Recording Systems are high-speed recording and playback systems capable of streaming data to disk in real time. They are available in portable, rackmount and small form factor (SFF) configurations, allowing operation in a variety of environments.

Sentinel recorders add intelligent signal monitoring and detection capabilities to Talon real-time recording systems. The intuitive GUI allows users to monitor the entire spectrum or select a region of interest, while a selectable resolution bandwidth allows the user to trade sweep rate for a finer resolution and better dynamic range.

Product Information:
Pentek Adds Digital I/O Capability to Talon Extreme Rugged 1/2 ATR Recorder Family
Four Channel Serial FPDP record/playback
Up to 4 GB/s real-time recording rate
Removable SSD QuickPac drive pack holds up to 61 TB of data
Environmentally-sealed, conduction-cooled design ideal for harsh mechanical and thermal environments such as UAV's, aircraft pods and military vehicles

More Info
Products/Services: IR Range Threat Simulators
Radar Warning Receivers
ELINT Systems
COMINT Systems
RF Receivers
Data Recorders
Signal Analysis Systems
Analog-to-Digital Converters
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Digital Signal Processors
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