iRF - Intelligent RF Solutions
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iRF - Intelligent RF Solutions
14600 York Road, Suite B
Sparks, MD  21152
Phone: 443-595-8500
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Intelligent RF Solutions produces mission critical RF hardware for the Signals Intelligence, Military, and Electronic Warfare community.  Our products include high performance microwave receivers, tuners, frequency converters, and RF distribution products. Based in Sparks, Maryland, iRF’s SMART product line is the latest innovation in the company’s 40+ year history.

Product Information:
The iWR-6500 (WideRail) Receiver, provides frequency coverage from 0.5 to 26.5 GHz, extendible to 44GHz with 100 MHz and 500 MHz of instantaneous BW. Additionally, the compact module houses iRF’s SMART RF Deck and iDSP Processor, and can be configured with an on-board A/D that provides 12-bit @500 MHz BW or 16-bit @ 100MHz BW precision and a dual ARM core Zynq-based FPGA for significant on-board programmable resources. The iWR-6500 supports single and multi-channel, phase coherent applications.

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Products/Services: ESM Systems
ELINT Systems
COMINT Systems
Frequency Converters
Converters and Mixers
RF Receivers
RF Tuners
Signal Conditioners
Signal Analysis Systems
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Digital Signal Processors
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