Advanced Microwave Inc
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Advanced Microwave Inc
333 Moffett Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA  94089
Phone: 408-739-4212
Fax: 408-739-4148
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AMI was established in 1997 with the emphasis on the manufacturing microwave components like mixers, detectors and limiters, subsystems such as amplifiers, radar receivers, and converters and detector log amplifiers. Recently, AMI developed networked microwave products, a unique approach to utilize microwave subsystems with computer technology to control and monitor microwave products directly or via local area network (LAN)



Mixers: 2 to 44 GHz

Limiters: 0.1 to 40 GHz, up to 1000 Watts 1% pulse

Detectors: 0.01 to 40 GHz, very wideband, excellent VSWR

Converters: 3 to 40 GHz

  • Up or Down Converters includes Filtering
  • Up or Down Converters Networking (LAN)

Amplifiers: 0.1 to 50 GHz, up to 20 Watts, LNA, down to 60°K

Radar Receivers:

  • Threshold Detectors: 0.1 to 40 GHz, Low Power, High Sensitivity
  • Detector Log Amplifiers: 0.1 to 40 GHz, up to 75 dB Dynamic Range

Custom Products:

Covers all the building blocks above, and more, in vertical integration assemblies. This not only reduces the size substantially, but cuts the cost, particularly in large quantities.

For detailed information and to view our catalog, please go to our website: http:\\ Please let us know your needs—we are here to help.

Product Information:
The SDLAC21802B is a new version of radar sensor covering 2 to 18 GHz with sensitivity of -78 dBm (TSS) and a dynamic range of 77dB and a pulse response of 12/20 nSec. (rise/fall time). The sensitivity of this product makes it possible to detect signals 2.5 times the distance of any other product available on the market and yet maintains excellent high speed pulse performance. This product is thin film construction and is designed for air, land, and sea applications.

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